Project Description

The projects is about integration between the environment and architecture through the installation of 1 × 2 m flexible mirrors.
I have reinterpreted some places through bridges of reflection between adjacent environments that, though sharing the same physical space, do not dialogue to each other. From this relationship a completely new third space is born: urban elements are present as interferences in the landscape and become concrete intruders that emerge from the landscape continuity, tearing it apart. An imaginative dimension is born, it tells us about the screeching of the nature-building combination and the power of the mirror, not as an object of identification and recognition, but as an architectural door that distorts, multiplies and generates space.
The project continues in July 2014 with Ecomostro Tour.

Presso (November 2013-February 2014)
Pentedattilo Film Festival (Agust 2013)
Fiori Milano (December 2012- January 2013)

Neura Magazine (December 2012)
Daringtodo (December 2012)

Fine art prints of the project are available to sell. If you are interested in buying some Interferenze prints, please contact me.