Project Description


Bilico is an Italian word meaning precarious balance.
Bilico is a series of conceptual still life. A portrait of my moods during the quarantine that began on 10 March 2020 in Milan.
The subjects are objects without characterizing connotations. They are neutral objects, object-concepts: the fork, the bottle, the glass. Using what I had at home, my attention has unconsciously focused on elements connected to our primary needs: eating and drinking.
The shots are thought of as diptychs. The first shot represents the object inside its bubble and contains the sensations of these days, the second shot is the dream of the post quarantine.

We are monads in suspension.
Relegated to our bubble, we are protected and forced.
A pebble has slipped under our feet and we lost the control.
We wait, in precarious balance. Suspended. Time acquires a new flavor.
We wait and wonder when our bubble will burst and we will fly again.

Fine art prints of the project are available to sell. If you are interested in buying some Bìlico prints, please contact me.