Project Description

A photographic journey from Milan to Palermo, 2400 km to travel around Italy in 10 stops and 7 days. Each stop corresponds to one of the main “Ecomostro” that deface our landscape.
The structures are not photographed directly, but reflected in a 1x1m mirror. Installed between the building and the landscape, the mirror allows me to look in front and behind me at the same time, creating a visual bridge and a relationship between the two elements. The result is a series of photographic images that offer a symbolic mapping of kind of architecture and summarize the Nature-Building contrast.


Prospettive emergenti – Fondo Malerba, Palacio de Lombillo (L’Avana, Cuba –  November/December 2018)
Biennale Italia Cina, Arca di Vercelli (Vercelli,  Italy – July/October 2015).
Coste e Fiumi-paesaggi in mutazione, Legambiente, La Casa dell’Architettura, (Roma, Italy – May 2015).
Try Your Home, Photissima, (Torino, Italy – November 2014).

Il Corriere della sera 
La Repubblica
La Stampa
Occupy Deejay

Fine art prints of the project are available to sell. If you are interested in buying some Ecomostro Tour prints, please contact me.