BìLICO Bilico is an Italian word meaning precarious balance. Bilico is a series of conceptual still life. A portrait of my moods during the quarantine that began on 10 March 2020 in Milan. The subjects are objects without characterizing [...]


Ecomostro Tour

ECOMOSTRO TOUR A photographic journey from Milan to Palermo, 2400 km to travel around Italy in 10 stops and 7 days. Each stop corresponds to one of the main “Ecomostro” that deface our landscape. The structures are not photographed [...]



Iterferenze The projects is about integration between the environment and architecture through the installation of 1 × 2 m flexible mirrors. I have reinterpreted some places through bridges of reflection between adjacent environments that, though sharing the same physical [...]



TRACCE The presence of an absence, the signs that survive us and that speak about us. The stubborn objects that mock death and remain perfect in their place. These are the traces of Giampilieri, a small fraction of Messina [...]