Project Description

A photographic journey from Milan to Palermo, 2400 km to travel around Italy in 10 stops and 7 days. Each stop corresponds to one of the main “Ecomostro” that deface our landscape.
The structures are not photographed directly, but reflected in a 1x1m mirror. Installed between the building and the landscape, the mirror allows me to look in front and behind me at the same time, creating a visual bridge and a relationship between the two elements. The result is a series of photographic images that offer a symbolic mapping of kind of architecture and summarize the Nature-Building contrast.

Biennale Italia Cina, Arca di Vercelli (Vercelli, July-October 2015).
Coste e Fiumi-paesaggi in mutazione, Legambiente, La Casa dell’Architettura, (Roma, May 2015).
Try Your Home, Photissima, (Torino, November 2014).

Il Corriere della sera 
La Repubblica
La Stampa
Occupy Deejay